Add-On Sites

The Add-On Site feature is essentially three features in one:

  • It has domain forwarding capabilities;
  • It serves as a sub-directory domain;
  • It connects multiple domains you own to one hosting plan.

Using Add-On Site, you can redirect any domain that you own (whether it's registered with us or not) to a specific directory within a domain that is hosted with us. For example, you have a hosting plan using as the domain name, and you decide to register Now, instead of ordering an entirely separate hosting plan just for, you can create a sub-directory called "example1" in and then seamlessly redirect to that sub-directory giving the illusion that it exists entirely unto itself. You can repeat the process for,, etc - as many as you want.

From your perspective, anyone who visits views the content of whatever you upload to; from the visitor's perspective, they simply view the home page of a web site called

Important Note: You may not use this feature to resell web hosting. Attempts to do so are a violation of our terms of use.


To activate Add-On Sites:

  1. Sign in to SiteControl.
  2. Go to Manage Services tab.
  3. Go to Website section.
  4. Scroll down, find and click the Add-On Sites link. You can also click Add-On Sites in the left navigation panel in SiteControl.

  5. Select the proper domain name from the Currently Managing drop-down menu.

  6. Click Create New Add-On Site to select the secondary domain you wish to point to your primary domain's sub-directory.

  7. On the top half of the subsequent page, you are asked to choose either a domain that is already associated with your account or a domain that exists elsewhere.
  8. If the secondary domain you wish to point to a sub-directory in the primary domain is already part of your account, then check the radio button next to "Use a domain that is already associated with your account" and select it using the drop-down menu:

    If you selected this option, then skip to Step 10.

  9. If, however, the secondary domain exists at another provider, then check the radio button next to "Use a domain that is not already associated with your account" and enter the name of that domain in the Domain field. Please do not type "www" - enter just the domain name:

    If you selected this option, then you must log in to this domain name provider's control panel and adjust its DNS settings. Once you have accessed its DNS zone record, change its "CNAME" setting to point to your primary domain with us. Depending on that provider, it can take anywhere from four hours to a day for the change to take effect.

    You can proceed to Step 10 without completing the DNS change first, but it must be done in order for the Add-On Site feature to function.

  10. In the Directory field, enter the name of the sub-directory to which the secondary domain should point. If that sub-directory does not already exist in your primary domain, then it will be automatically created for you.

  11. As part of the Add-On Site feature, a sub-directory FTP account will be created. Its User Name will automatically be the name of the sub-directory. In our example, the user name is "example1". All you have to do is enter the password in the User section.

    Please note that there can be only one user name per Add-On Site.
    In terms of access, the sub-directory user can access only the assigned sub-directory and nowhere else in the domain. On the other hand, the domain's Master user can view the contents of the sub-directory, but cannot change its content.

  12. Click Create.
  13. You will see a Add-On Site Confirmation message. You can click Back to Overview.

  14. On the Add-On Sites Overview page you can view and manage the Add-On Site.



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