Enable Referrer Log

The referrer log or file stores information about visitors from other websites to your website. The information contains data about the URL’s that your website visitors came from. The referrer log enables Analog to convert IP addresses to real domain names. By default, Analog will only display the IP addresses of your visitors. If you prefer to see their domain names, then please order the referrer log.

To enable the referrer log:
In the home page in SiteControl under the Quick Access tools section, click the Web Stats link.
2. In the Web Stats Overview page scroll down to the What is a Referrer Log section.
3. Under Referrer Log, click Turn On.


4. You will then see a confirmation page stating that your referrer log has been activated.

Note: Customers who order Urchin do not need to separately order referrer logs as it is part of the Urchin package.
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